Who We Are


Who are we?

We are the Provinsal Family. Joel and Kristina Provinsal who have 4 kids. We love family, vacations, our kids activities, friends, homeschooling, having fun, our pets, being together, hiking, dressing up, books, holidays, roller coasters, water parks, summertime, and so much more.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide you with unique photo treasures that reflect your lifestyle, your memories, and your family. Our style is fresh, fun, soulful.

Our Goal?

To create images that will stir your emotions. We take for granted so much and we want to remind you of the precious moments in time that escape us as times rolls on. We want to tell your story.

Why we chose the name Visual Empathy as our business name?

We want to capture emotion. We want to capture light and create visual displays of your life and times. We strive to use Visual Empathy.

Where are we now?

Loving every minute of it! We started Visual Empathy in  Fort Worth, TX 2005, We have now moved to the great PNW and reside in Vancouver, WA. The many wonderful people we have been able to spend time with has been one of the best experiences of our lives. We are so thankful to have this opportunity. Building relationships with our clients is one of the greatest aspects of this experience.

Joel, Kristina, Cree, Haze, Tripp, and Cyan Provinsal…plus one on the way!
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