Invest In Your Memories

Thank you for clicking on little ol me and thinking about investing in your memories.
Let’s start there….these are your memories, your family, your day, your life at this very moment in time.
I love capturing the way he olds your hand, the way you look at your husband (or soon to be husband),
the laughter in your kids face when they look at Dad, the snuggles Mom still gives her 12 year old son.
Gah, I love capturing connections and I know how to bring it all out in one of my sessions.
I am here to give you personal images that capture this time in your life and wow what an honor that I don’t take lightly.

we laugh, we love, we hug, we kiss, we giggle, we walk, we play, we talk, we have fun

Let’s do this!

Session Fee $125
Due at the time of booking your appointment
For time and talent of Photographer
You pick the place (I do have locations but I love personal places to you and your family).
Sessions usually last about an hour to 2 hours.

My sessions are perfect for building a wall gallery for your home, an album to cherish for a lifetime,
and having your digital files to share and keep safe.

Digital Files are available to order after a print order over $300 is met.

Please contact me for more information and for full pricing of my products.